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Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer when you visit a website. Haupt Lakrits use the information for statistical purposes, to track what visitors do on our website, and to improve and personalise visitor experience of our website. There are two types of cookies: permanent cookies and session cookies.
1. Permanent cookies remain on your computer for a set period of time.
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These cookies are used by Haupt Lakrits:

Essential cookies
Essential cookies enable basic functionalities that allow the website to operate safely and correctly. For this reason, they cannot be disabled. Among other things, these cookies handle page navigation, the next step in the purchase process and logged-in mode.

Analytics and statistics
These cookies provide us with information about the user experience of our website and enable us to work on improving usability, customer service and other similar features.

Marketing and advertising
Marketing cookies are used for advertising so that we, with the help of our partners, can communicate the type of offers that we believe are most relevant to you and your preferences.

Personalisation cookies are used to customise your website experience according to your preferences, purchase history and browsing history. This provides you with more relevant offers and a better user experience.
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